martes, 28 de noviembre de 2017

Rolf Kühn Group Featuring Phil Woods / The Day After (1972 Alemania)

Artista: Rolf Kühn Group featuring Phil Woods
Album: The Day After
Año: 1972
País: Alemania
Discográfica: BASF/MPS Records
Formato: Vinil LP Stereo
Género: Jazz / Avant-garde / Free
Codificación: FLAC 1.1.4
Calidad: 16bit/44kHz pcm
Graficas: JPG
Dimensiones: 27.3 X 13.5 (mini lp replica)
Resolución: 200ppp (dpi)
Compresión: RAR 221Mb

Clarinet – Rolf Kuhn
Alto Saxophone – Phil Woods
Bass – Peter Warren
Drums – Oliver Johnson
Percussion – Nana Juvenal Vasconcelos
Piano – Joachim Kuhn

A1 - Ca. 1-9-5-2   7:03
A2 - The Day After   9:41
A3 - Turning Out   6:20
B1 - Everything In The Garden   6:54
B2 - Sonata For Perc. Piano And Clarinet   11:35

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  1. Thank you very much for this album.
    May you reupload the:
    -Association P.C.: Rock around the Cock.
    Thanks again in advance...

    1. Re-Up: Association P.C.: Rock around the Cock OK