viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

Ray Mantilla / Mantilla (1978 EU)

Artista: Ray Mantilla
Album: Mantilla
Año: 1978
País: Estados Unidos
Discográfica: Inner City Records
Formato: Vinil LP Stereo
Género: Jazz / Fusion / Jazz-Funk / Latin Jazz
Codificación: FLAC 1.1.4
Calidad: 16bit/44.1kHz pcm
Gráficas: JPG
Dimensiones: 27.3 X 13.5 (mini lp)
Resolución: 400ppp(dpi)
Compresión: RAR 208mb (enlace nuevo)

Ray Mantilla
Eddie Gomez
Joe Chambers
Jeremy Steig
Carl Ratzer

A1 Percussion Intro
A2 Mariposa 78
A3 Inca Love Chant
A4 Caravanessa
B1 Chango Llama
B2 Seven For Mantilla

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  1. Hey thanks so much for this....have it in 320 but Flac better....specially for 'Caravanessa'

    Have a look on

  2. Hi there...just found this blog and having a ball in here. Only good stuff...and in flac. If it's not to big of effort could you re-up some things from 2013? Like this one here for example. Would be much appreciated.

  3. please can you reupload love to hear any jeremy steig since his recent passing