viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

Julian Priester and Marine Intrusion / Polarization (1977 EU)

Artista: Julian Priester and Marine Intrusion
Album: Polarization
Año: 1977
País: Estados Unidos
Discográfica: ECM / 1098
Formato: Vinil LP
Género: Jazz / Fusion / Contemporary
Codificación: FLAC 1.1.4
Calidad: 16bit / 44kHz pcm
Graficas: JPG / 27.3 X 13.5 / Mini LP replica
Resolución: 400ppp (dpi)
Compresión: RAR 135mb

Julian Priester
Heshima Mark Williams
Augusta Lee Collins
Ray Obiedo
Curtis Clark
Ron Stallings
Manfred Eicher (Productor)

A1 Polarization
A2 Rhythm Magnet
A3 Wind Dolphin
B1 Coincidence
B2 Scorpio Blue
B3 Anatomy Of Longing

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  2. Great fusion lp , thanks for the share Calisan


  3. Grabbed ! Thanks a lot for this lossless version, much appreciated !gr

  4. I can't find the download link for this file. Please could you post the link? Thanks!